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MABC creates an art content ecosystem centered on creators and investors with blockchain technology.

Valueful Creation
Free Transactions
Art NFT Platform

Metaverse Art Block Chain

Leads the new NFT art culture.
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Reconstructing the masterpieces of the Nam Kwan into digital art.

Autumn Festival, 1984

Nam Kwan, a world-famous abstract painting master



Received the ‘Funaoka Award’ for <The Elderly Statue>
Received the ‘Mitsui Award’ for <Seated Woman>
Defeated world-class masters such as P.R Picasso, B. Buffet, and A. Tapies, and won the Grand Prize at the Menton Painting Biennale in France
Received ‘Chungok Award’ (established by ‘Sasanggye’)
Korea Culture and Arts Award
Received the Eungwan Culture Citation
The 35th Korean Academy of Arts Awards


Graduated from Tokyo Pacific Art School
‘Joseon Art and Culture Association’ established
Admission to the Paris Academy ‘de La Grande Chaumière’
First Korean artist to be invited to the ‘Salon de Mae exhibition’
Hongik University Professor, National Exhibition Steering Committee
Chairman of the Korean Art Fair Western Painting Jury
Chairman of the National Exhibition Jury
Artwork exhibited at Tokyo Art Expo


Benefits of Creators

  • Protect and prove the rights to creative content

  • Supports content to be used in conjunction with the service

  • Expand scalability and openness to work with art blockchain projects implemented on various main-net chains

  • Participates as creators in various service models such as advertising plaza, content auction, and NFT art show, and acts as partners in corporate proposal collaboration business

  • Supporting and donation system for free creative activities of artists in the form of smart contract

Benefits of Investors

  • Protect and prove the rights to invested content

  • Technical support to make use of and invest in content conveniently and safely.

  • Provides new consumption experience with immersion exhibition space

  • Provides MABC Oracle to link the content of the real world, which can not be directly connected to the blockchain, to the MABC platform after verifying the use data of the contents owned in the real world in the form of equity proof

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Various Art IP NFTization

Traditional art, Public art, Digital art, Music, Digital Objects etc.

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An open content platform that is transparent and fair, for anyone to participate

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Artist Nam Kwan

Participating in K-Metaverse Expo etc.

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Membership Club

Building a Differentiated Community Based on NFT


Metaverse phase 1
  • Avatar system

  • Immersive Exhibition Hall

  • Provide user to own space

  • Provide creative space for artists

  • Linking NFT Market Place with Metaverse

  • Implementation of interworking technology for smart phones, PCs, VR devices, etc.

Metaverse phase 2
  • Chat system for communication between avatar-avatar and avatar-NPC

  • Various metaverse services (Games, Commerce, Performances

  • Entertainments, Square, and other community services, etc.)

  • Establishment of a business management system and server platform for each service

Road Map






White Paper v0.1 Released


Establishment of MABC and Issue of Coin


Minting and Opening sales of NFTs for the Nam Kwan’s Autumn Festival


Singapore corporation set up, White paper v1.0 released


MABC Coin Global Exchange Listed


Offline linkage service initiation


Metaverse service initiation


Mertverse service extension


MABC Oracle Initiation


Global branch extension


Supporting main net extension


Art digital bank initiation

물결 표면


Geon Yong Lee

CEO President

  • Ubank international CEO

  • Ubank network CEO

  • CEO of SIPEOPLE Global Co., Ltd.

  • CEO of SIP Development Co., Ltd.

  • (Currently) CEO of MABC, Inc., Development of an integrated platform that includes content and related businesses based on blockchain

Sung Soo Moon


  • SKT & Tourism Organization's Smart App Development Competition 1st place

  • Won 2nd place at ‘Jiranjigyo Family Startup Contest’

  • Venture Business Certification, Business-affiliated Research Institute, LINC

  • Performed R&D technology research project by the Korea Creative Content Agency

  • CEO of ZZIEUT Co., Ltd. with 50,000 members of the local SNS platform

Chang Jin Jung


  • Korea national University of Arts traditional arts center

  • Participating England Edinburgh Fringe Festival as Korean national team

  • Participating UNESCO East Asian Youth Arts Festival as Korean National Team

  • Direction and Planning of 'COEX Sound Curl' for Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture


Service partner company
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Metaverse partner company
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