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MABC and METAROCK Collaborate to Build ‘MABC Art Metaverse’

[Signed a MOA contract for the Phase 1 project Building the MABC's unique business ecosystem]

Metaverse Art Blockchain Tech MABC (CEO Lee Geon-yong) signed an MOA contract with Metaverse and e-sports company Metarock to build ‘MABC Art Metaverse’ and started the first phase of the project.

MABC is a metaverse-based art NFT blockchain company established to create an artist- and consumer-oriented cultural content industry ecosystem using metaverse and blockchain technology.

This project, which has been prepared since the middle of 2021, will provide a variety of metaverse-based services for art NFT providers and consumers to build an art NFT business ecosystem.

As the first phase of the two-year project, MABC plans to provide a differentiated service unique to MABC by realizing a metaverse space that encompasses the art content-based content lifecycle and building an immersive exhibition hall within the metaverse. In addition, by linking the metaverse and blockchain, it will support the connection of the content lifecycle of the NFT marketplace with the metaverse space.

Through this contract, MABC plans to open a beta service by the end of this year by implementing the metaverse-based service in earnest.

A MABC official said, “In the future, through MABC’s blockchain token, NFT art, various music sources, and videos will be able to be registered, sold, and purchased in earnest.”

MABC CEO Lee Geon Yong said, “The MABC Art Metaverse Project will make it easier for domestic and foreign NFT providers to access blockchain. We plan to create an NFT market, and in early next year, we will promote service advancement so that we can expand our business to games and entertainment as well as expanding the metaverse space.”


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