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MABC held NFT Young Artist Exhibition ‘Samseong-dong: Accompanying Three Stars’

Metaverse Art Blockchain MABC announced on the 27th that it will hold the NFT emerging writer exhibition ‘Samsung-dong: Accompanying Three Stars’ from the 27th. In this exhibition, which is sponsored by the exhibition space at the Samsung-dong gallery ‘Meta’, a total of 12 artists will participate every week, presenting flat works and digital art from artists at the same time.

Deputy Manager Mi-ri Kim, who was in charge of the operation and planning of this exhibition, said, “Samseong-dong has become one village by combining three villages: Bongeunsa Temple, Mudongdo Island, and Jojado Island. In this way, I hope that the accompaniment of three different writers every week will be a meeting of young stars who can present another challenge and possibility.”

Among the participating artists, SIM_MOBY, who is currently working as an NFT artist in Japan, said, “It is meaningful to be able to participate in the exhibition in Korea through NFT. The NFT market, which was created by the convergence of creative art and technology, is helping a lot in quick and active communication between artists and fans.” He also expressed the expectation, “I hope that the domestic activities of overseas artists will become more active through this opportunity.”

In addition, the willingness of participating artists to create new works, such as Purple Rabbit, Kokobi, Mary JJ, Gachi, Metabebe, and Deokyu 18, who announced their new work through this exhibition, stands out. These are writers who have sold out of existing works published in NFT markets such as OpenC, and 'Samsung-dong: Accompanying Three Stars' was a great motivation for the creative activities of the writers." I hope that anticipation and interest will lead to many viewings at this exhibition.”

Lee Geon yong, CEO of MABC, said, “In the future, we will expand the opportunities for emerging artists to participate in the exhibition and serve as a bridge where ready-made artists and emerging artists can collaborate through NFTs.

MABC is an art blockchain company listed on the Elbank Exchange in June with the goal of building an independent metaverse ecosystem through digital assetization in various areas such as traditional, public, digital art, and music.


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